Thursday, October 20, 2005

Creating Pooh Corner....

ok - so I am admittedly the least creative person I know. I can't draw a straight line with ruler, I have absolutely no designer "vision", and I wear everything that's liquid, including paint. So I may as well start redecorating the guest room into Olivia's very own Pooh Corner. We are halfway done the painting and I have enough paint under my nails to do another room. I really hope the room comes out looking like the picture from the store (yeah right), but if it doesn't, it'll be nothing that 2 or 3 more coates of paint and a bottle of wine can't fix. Here's a couple of shots of the early progress. As you can see, Emma has decided that she can't miss out of any of this fun. Who picked out those colors anyway?? I reserve the right not to post photo's of the finished product.


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