Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Getting closer.....

I just found out that the CCAA (China Centre of Adoption Affairs), which could also be called the CVW (Centre of Val's World) these days, has just redone their web site and included a section that talks about where they are in their paperwork processing. They say that they have finished reviewing dossiers that were logged in in May (our log in date is May 31/05), which means we are now in the Matching Room!! (hard to breathe again...) We could be getting matched with our little peanut as we speak! (Between you and me, I think that my mom and the Big Guy already matched us with our little girl a very long time ago, but for now let's let the CCAA think they're still in charge of this gig.) The CCAA has been trying to get to where they can send out a full month of referrals at one time, but last month they only sent out 2 weeks worth. If they are going to send out a full month of dossiers at one time, then we could be on for a January referral, otherwise it would be a Feb. referral and travel end of March/early April. Please keep us in your prayers and keep everything crossed for us!


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