Sunday, May 14, 2006

A very Happy Mother's Day to all

Even though I won't be spending this Mother's Day in person with my mom or my baby girl, it's already one of the best ever - full of incredible memories and wonderful promise. Happy Mother's Day to everyone who's made a difference in a child's life - mothers comes in many different forms and each one is important and special.

Today is also a day (among many) that I can't help but think about Olivia's birth mother and the struggles she must have endured over the past 7 months. I keep her in my prayers and although it's unlikely that we will ever know each other, I hope that she knows how much her daughter is loved and how committed we are to raising her the best way we can. We hope that she is able to find peace in her heart over what must have been the most difficult decision she has ever had to make, and we thank her for choosing life for this beautiful little soul.


Anonymous Brenda said...

Happy Mother's Day coming from Northern B.C. This is my first Mother's Day as a Mother as we brought our little girl home from China last August. The families up here with little girls from China have started a tradition of letting a balloon go for their mother in China. The older ones write notes to her. It seems to be something that helps address the issue of birth moms on this day. Was kinda emotional for me to watch my little girl release her baloon today. Congrats and best wishes on your journey to Olivia! Be prepared for some heat on your travels :)

5/14/2006 11:27 PM  
Blogger Our Journey to Jenna Maria said...

I'm sure that all adopting Mother's share our sentiments on this day. It certainly is a bittersweet day! Thanks to all the birthmothers who chose life for their babies!


5/16/2006 10:27 AM  

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