Monday, May 07, 2007

A New Canadian!!

Well, our beautiful girl is now officially a Canadian Citizen!!! We just got the word that Miss O's citizenship went through on May 3 and it took much less time than I thought it would. That was really the last of the many paperwork hurdles and a huge milestone for all of us.

I don't get to update the blog much these days, but we continue to be so blessed with this wonderful little soul in our lives. The days go by in a blur and try as I may to slow things down and to stop and smell the roses, life and our little girl are changing so fast. I'm back at work, Olivia is in daycare and she seems to have adjusted better to the arrangement than we have. The first 2 weeks were hard because she would cry so hard for 2 minutes when we left her at the daycare, but the third week was even harder when she just kissed me at the door of the daycare and turned to go play with her new friends. I still don't know which is harder - her crying when we left her, or her not crying when we left her...

I don't really know why, but a million years ago I thought that the novelty of being a mom might wear off at some point. Not for me - I still open my eyes every morning and marvel at the little miracle asleep in the next room. As time passes, I've come to wonder that maybe we didn't choose adoption - maybe adoption chose us. Either way, I'm so very greatful. A little sleep deprived at times perhaps, but I there's no way I would ever trade a second of it - not for anything.

Life is good...

Flowers for Mommy

First day of Daycare

My beautiful girl.


Blogger Journey To Our Baby Sister.... said...

Congrats on becoming a Canadian Miss Olivia!!!!

You are growing up so fast...


6/01/2007 4:48 AM  

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